HHVA’s Mission Statement

To tackle our clients’ administrative ‘to-do’ lists from start to finish with integrity, innovation, and professionalism.

HHVA’s Value Statement

Here to Help Virtual Assistance, LLC partners with its clients to handle those administrative tasks that consume the client’s time and attention; achieving its objectives with an emphasis on professionalism, integrity and service.


HHVA’s Guiding Principles

Integrity – Our clients have the right to expect their work will be done in an honorable manner. We demand it of ourselves to consistently exhibit honesty, accountability and respect for the partnership between our clients and ourselves. We will remain transparent in our business practices.
Professionalism – Our clients are entitled to be treated with the highest degree of professionalism and respect; we will always rise to that expectation.
Confidentiality – We pledge to protect all information and communications entrusted to us with the highest level of importance and security. No excuses.
Innovation – We value our clients’ time and financial resources and will work using the most innovative, proven methods available.
Service – We will do what is right by our clients and will consistently deliver a level of Customer Service beyond our client’s expectations.
Continuing education – Recognizing that technology and systems evolve rapidly, we will strive to remain on the cutting edge in the areas of administrative services, virtual assistance and technology for the delivery of our services so that we can continue to best serve our clients’ business needs.